Surviving My 1st Trimester

“Pregnancy is magical.”


It truly is magical, don’t let someone tell you any different….but for me and my body it definitely had other thoughts. My first trimester was HELL. It literally felt like a permanent hangover, but not a hangover you got when you were 18 and could recover…no no no, it was like a hangover when you’re 25 and think you can still hang with your college buddies and get plastered like old times.

Constantly sick it didn’t matter what time of day it was, if I was awake I was throwing up. I like any other read hundreds of tricks from moms who have experienced it all and there are a ton of tricks….I found maybe 2 or 3 that actually helped me out.

morning sick

THERE IS NO CURE for pregnancy tired. You can get 100hrs of sleep a week and still barely be able to get out of bed. At least this was me. I was working 2 jobs at the time which was even harder to try and balance. There is also no way to explain pregnancy tired to someone who hasn’t experienced it. I definitely thought I was going to be the pregnant girl still going to the gym everyday and keep my super healthy low carb diet I had started….uhm that was a big fat NOPE. My husband and I fought a lot throughout my first trimester due to my lack of energy. The house wasn’t at my normal standards, cleaning out our spare room didn’t get done, the lawn was in desperate need of mowing, and the list continues. I tried so hard to explain it was literally a task to just wake up and try to eat especially when all eating did was lead to throwing up…which takes a lot of extra energy you already don’t have but he never understood, until we talked to a friend of our that was 3 months ahead of me in her pregnancy and she made my husband realize that I was not the only one. Her house wasn’t up to its normal standards and she hardly made it to the gym anymore. It also clicked when one day my husband and I had just woken up and were watching Netflix in mid conversation and I had just fallen back asleep, he actually shook me worried I wasn’t ok, simply because I have never done that, I had never slept so much in my life.


Obviously being my first pregnancy my body has never experienced change like this, I didn’t know what to expect and I know all pregnancies are different…let me say that again…ALL PREGNANCIES ARE DIFFERENT. So not knowing what was going to happen was even harder to try and explain to my husband, in a whirlwind of emotions and constant sickness it literally felt like I was drowning. He kept just trying to figure out what I needed and how to help and then got mad and frustrated when my answer was “I don’t know,” but I really didn’t know. No matter how many what to expect articles I read none of them seemed to relate to exactly what I needed at the time.

Fighting during the first trimester was terrible, it was stressful, I constantly felt attacked and just hurt. We fought about money, me being tired, and sex…yep there’s the big one. The fight that ALWAYS came up. I’ll be honest, being sick and tired everyday the last thing I wanted or even thought about was sex. I didn’t want it…at all, and that made it so much worse. Not to mention when you’re pregnant it doesn’t feel the same. Some say it’s better, some say it’s worse…well for me it was worse. Not sure if it was just from the fighting and being sick or if everything was at the point of sensitivity where it was no longer pleasurable. Everything about it just seemed to decline, I simply just didn’t want it, which made me feel like a terrible wife. I know my husband has needs and wants, but I did too and when he fought with me over it, it never felt like he took my situation into consideration. So I asked a friend and made my husband listen to her answer…she was having the same issue. She just didn’t want to have sex during her first trimester either. Now I don’t know if men think we have a self conscious thing or they think we feel nervous about it or what really but in my case, that’s not it at all. I know the benefits of sex during pregnancy, and the risk factors are actually fairly low, but for some reason some days I couldn’t even act like I wanted it. Again I tried reading multiple articles on how I could change how I was feeling about sex ect…but there was nothing that helped other than the hope that it was supposed to get better…luckily for us it did get better.



So here are a few of my own personal tips for surviving your 1st trimester:

  • Drink tons and tons of water.
  • Set up our Dr appointment as soon as they let you.
  • Ginger ale helps.
  • Immediately start a prenatal with DHA and EPA (found anywhere even Walmart)
  • If you are tired…sleep! You need it.
  • Talk to your partner…about EVERYTHING. Even if you don’t know how to explain it.
  • Get up and move around, (I know this one is hard.)
  • Snack…a lot. It helps with morning sickness.
  • When you start to feel sick, take a lukewarm shower. (helped me some of the time.)
  • Don’t over do it. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! It tells you when to stop.
  • Don’t stress, it can be dangerous during the first few months. (it does get better)
  • If you have any questions call your Dr…NOT google!
  • Keep working out if you can, its healthy for you and baby.
  • Don’t panic when you step on the scale and gained a few pounds.
  • Don’t try to limit yourself to 3 pair of maternity clothes. Ross is a life saver! I am set for the rest of my pregnancy for about $100 with a couple of splurge items.
  • Start your registry ASAP (these are extremely stressful)
  • Keep a pregnancy journal. (questions for Dr, feelings, dreams, daily food/water intake.)
  • Read a pregnancy prep book, make your spouse read one too! (especially if it’s your first)

1st trimester must-haves

So don’t get me wrong even though I kind of told you the worst especially since that is what I experienced…just know I wouldn’t change it for the world, and I will go through it with every child that we plan on having if I need to. I love what my body is capable of doing even if it was a really rough road to get down.

Also for the record my husband isn’t a complete jerk. This whole thing was as new to him as it was me but we finally found neutral ground and aren’t fighting anymore. It took some eye opening for him to realize what all was going on and it took a lot of communication even if I was unsure of how to explain it. We found a way to make it all work and you can too if you experience this with your spouse during pregnancy.


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